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Welcome to my perch

Welcome to my hillside perch. In 2012, our family of three made a run for it and escaped the rush of city life in search of a slower and more nourishing life on the land. I was born in the bush, came of age in the city but always felt the pull of the country. To be back in the wild, a place where our daughter could experience the freedoms that I knew as child. So here we are by a river in a lush little valley on the East Coast of NSW. And after finally coming up for air, I’ve decided to write about our unique tree change journey and what I’ve learned about myself along the way.

At times it has been a life of extremes, with significant challenges but also bringing with it immense joy and satisfaction. We’ve learned to live in tune with the rhythms of nature and the seasons, carving out a livelihood as organic farmers and making new connections within our small and vibrant community. Most importantly, we’ve learned to slow down – things happen when they happen.

This is my journal – reflections on my rich new life on the land, and other musings and meanderings on the beauty and mystery of the world beyond it. My perspective from my perch. x Amanda



  1. Maxine Cooke says

    What a beautiful and sensory introduction with your emotional expressions of life from your perch….fully embracing the natural beauty of your surrounds. xoxo

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