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Hi, I’m Amanda. In 2012 my husband, daughter and I left our city life behind to pursue a simpler one in the country. Since then we’ve been organic farming and herding our menagerie of furry family from a hillside perch on the the East Coast of Australia. I haven’t lost my wanderlust or my fascination with the beauty and mystery of the world beyond my backyard, but I’m enjoying the slower life and the new perspective living in nature has given me. Living in the wild has had a profound effect on the way I understand myself, much more so than I ever imagined it would. Being more in synch with nature’s rhythms has helped me to tune in more closely to the wisdoms of my own life experiences. I’ve realised that this is the foundation for a bold, vibrant and authentic life. So after some reflection, I’ve started to write these chronicles of my rich life on the land and what I’ve discovered about myself along the way.  I hope that by sharing my stories and standing in my own truth, I can connect better with myself and the world around me and inspire others to do the same.

x Amanda


  1. Anne Kakaire says

    Much love to you. Look forward to hearing more from you my friend. Xxx

    • Amanda Cooke says

      Thanks Anne, much love to you too. Hope to see on the hillside perch again before too long. xxx

  2. Yum yum. I wish I could’ve visited you in NSW before your next adventure!!
    But I know for sure, we’ll meet some day. Xx

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